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Lille Observatory Workshop 27-30 September 2011



The existence of a huge cloud of comets surrounding the solar system has been first conjectured by Opik in 1932. Later, in 1950, Oort showed that comets from this region may become observable, explaining the origin of long period comets.

However, modern simulations of the transport of comets from the Oort cloud to the inner solar system show that the cloud should contain a number of comets as large as 1011 in order to explain the flux of observed long period comets.
Such a large number is very difficult to obtain via realistic modelling of the solar system formation and usually lead to contradicting results.

Recently, some new ideas about both the Oort cloud formations and the dynamics of Oort cloud comets come out. The present workshop is aimed precisely to review some of the more recent and popular ideas and to confront them.

Invited speakers

Ramon Brasser
Melvyn Davies
Luke Dones
Piotr Dybczynski

Julio Fernández
Christiane Froeschlé

Ryszard Gabryszewski
Esko Gardner
Arika Higuchi

Nathan Kaib

Andreas Korn
Małgorzata Królikowska-Sołtan

Hal Levison

Wlad Lyra
Lucie Maquet
John Matese
Lubos Neslusan

Nik Piskunov
Sławomira Szutowicz

Paweł Wajer
Paul Weissman

Location and transport

The workshop will take place at Lille Observatory, 1 impasse de l'observatoire, 59 000 Lille, France (longitude 3°4'15" E, latitude 50°36'57" N, altitude 32m).
Access to the Observatory from public transport: 10 mn from the city center by subway line 2 station "Porte de Douai" / website: http://www.transpole.fr.You find here how to go from "Porte de Douai" subway station to the observatory.

To reach Lille there is many fast trains from "Paris Gare du Nord" or "Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulles Airport" (about one hour in both cases), from "London St Pancras" (about 1h30 hours) and from "Bruxelles-Midi" (about 30 mn) . More information and ticket reservations here.

Air France KLM, new partner of the event:

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Event ID Code to keep for the booking: 13567AF More details here

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Organizing committee

Florent Deleflie, LAL-IMCCE
Marc Fouchard, LAL-IMCCE / Lille 1 University
Stéfan Renner, LAL-IMCCE / Lille 1 University
Alain Vienne, LAL-IMCCE /  Lille 1 University

Martine Pichon, Secretary, LAL, Lille 1 University

Hans Rickman, P.A.S. Space Research Center,                                                                Warsaw, Poland
Giovanni Valsecchi, IASF-INAF, Rome, Italy

Important dates

26 May : first annoncement
16 September: registration deadline
14 September: final program
27-30 September: workshop

List of registered partipants



For registration or further information, please contact us at lille-oort@imcce.fr

Practical information and social events

Participants will have access to the Observatory wireless connection.

Lunch can be served at the restaurant of Faidherbe High School (500m from Lille Observatory).

A 2h foot visit of Lille is organised on thusday at 4 pm.

A reception in the Lille major folllowed by a dinner in the city will be organized on Wednesday evening.

Please, when registering, let us know if you intend to assist to the visit of Lille and/or the reception and/or the dinner.

Registration, fee and accomodation

In order to register, please send an e-mail to lille-oort@imcce.fr, stating your affiliation.
Unfortunatly it is not possible for non invited people to make oral presentation.

A registration fee of 60 € is requiested (to be paid the first day of the workshop). Registration fee includes coffee breaks, lunches and all the social events.

If you wish to participate at the workshop on orbit determination (at least part of it) you have to pay the fee only for one workshop (you need however to make a separate registration).

The number of places for registration is limited.

You can book your hotel here
through the Lille Tourism Office.

Registration is opened until Sunday 4 September.

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